Crisis in Hermitage,12.5% Napa Cab, and 5 reds to chill (@EatingOurWords)

From the department of “the vinous is political”…

One of my favorite wine bloggers, Jim of Jim’s Loire, let me use the awesome photo above today for my post over at the Houston Press.

His blog is my go-to when it comes to info on Loire Valley wines but today he’s trying to raise awareness of a crisis that’s emerging in the Rhône: “Hermitage threatened by pylon lunacy.”

I’ve reposted the link here in the hope that other bloggers will repost it as well. As he wrote me in an email this morning, “What an insane idea it is to build an 18 metre transmitter on Hermitage!”

In other news…

I loved this post by my favorite Napa blogger Vinogirl, who reports tasting notes for a 1979 Louis Martini Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon and a great backgrounder on Martini the winemaker. Really cool stuff, Vinogirl!

12.5% alcohol! If only they’d make wines like that again in Napa!

In other other news…

Here’s my post on Top 5 Red Wines to Serve Chilled in Summer for the Houston Press.