Michelle’s Thanksgiving Turkey recipe

I have been cooking my Turkey for the past 29 years using the method below. It took the place of using the clear cooking bags which tend to steam and toughen the turkey. My mom even adopted this method once I showed her. Once you put the turkey in the oven you do not have to worry about it – until it is done.

NOTE: No basting required – do not open the bag until turkey is completely roasted. The bag will not burn. Once finished cooking, remove the bag and the juice can be used to make gravy. Turkey will be a BEAUTIFUL Golden Brown and will be Tender and Juicy!!

Brown Paper Bag Turkey Cooking Technique:

1. Get a Brown Paper Grocery Bag large enough to hold turkey and either tuck or fold and staple the end of the bag. If turkey is extremely large – use two bags – one on either end (will not need to staple or tuck)

2. Season your turkey as your would normally using all of your favorite seasonings and butter if you use it. If you stuff your turkey then you can also use this cooking method.

3. Place Bag in large roasting pan, then place seasoned turkey inside of bag.

4. Close bag (tuck, paperclip or staple end of bag so minimum amount of air escapes bag during cooking).

5. Massage TOP and SIDES of bag with VEGETABLE oil (not necessary to oil bottom).

6. Place turkey in preheated 325 degree oven and cook approximately 20 minutes per pound – if stuffed cook 25 minutes per pound.

Enjoy!! Please call me with questions!