Did you see Stanley Tucci at Slow Food U where I teach in Italy? I’m heading back there next week.

Stanley Tucci is one of the few issues that brings division to the Parzen family household.

Tracie loves — LOVES — his show.

I still haven’t forgiven him for mispronouncing timpano in his 1999 breakout hit “Big Night” (ouch).

Scherzi a parte… Joking aside…

Tracie did eventually convince me to watch a few episodes of his “Searching for Italy” show and I genuinely thought it was great.

We still haven’t seen the episode where he goes to Piedmont. But we’ve been told that he makes a stop at Slow Food University where I have been teaching in the grad program for the last seven years (above).

I’m so proud of the work I do there (I teach food and wine communications). It meant the world to me that so many people called to say they had seen Pollenzo, the village and campus, on Tucci’s show.

I’ll be there on Monday and will be teaching for the better part of the week. Because Tracie is working full-time now, we need to limit the time I’m away from home. So this is going to be a very short trip. But if you happen to be in the Roero-Langhe area, ping me for sure and we’ll taste something great together (there’s a wonderful natural wine bar and a mostly great old-school Piedmontese in the town where I stay).

In other news…

My editor gave my pitch the green light and if all things go as planned, my Pietro Crescenzi translation and critical apparatus are going to be published by a University of Toronto imprint later this year.

I’m so stoked about this. My heartfelt thanks to all the folks who shared good vibes, encouragement, and wishes. We did it! THANK YOU.

I fly out tomorrow night. Wish me luck, wish me speed. Hit me up if you’re around. See you on the other side…

3 thoughts on “Did you see Stanley Tucci at Slow Food U where I teach in Italy? I’m heading back there next week.

  1. My fingers crossed for your publication. As far as Mr. Tucci and his show are concerned, he gave all of about 60 seconds to the Slow Food School segment. I really wanted more knowing you teach there. For those of us who are wine-centric, he leaves much to be desired in that area too. Don’t think he’s much of a wine drinker, and as such doesn’t have the knowledge or vocabulary to discuss it in a meaningful way when he visits wineries. The show is worth watching just for the food and beautiful shots of Italy.

  2. Jeremy,What is this about a Crescienzi translation? How lovely. Just let me know when published.Darrell

  3. I was actually looking for you in the background when he visited the SF School! Agree with the comment above about wine in his show… I wish he would just take 5 seconds to tell us what wine is being paired with all the great food he is eating.

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