Abruzzo, Franciacorta, Moscato d’Asti. Taste with me next week and beyond in Houston.

So many wines, so little time!

On Wednesday, February 9, the Simply Italian Great Wines tour comes to Houston.

I’ll be leading three seminars that day: Abruzzo, Franciacorta (with Riccardo Ricci-Curbastro, who will be joining via Zoom), and Moscato d’Asti. It’s going to be a super fun day with a ton of great wines.

Register for the event here.

And that evening, FederDOC, the Italian appellation association and one of the events sponsors, will be hosting a dinner at Roma restaurant where I oversee the wine program. They generously gave me 10 spots to share with trade members. Please hit me up if you’d like to join. I’ll be pouring at the restaurant all night.

And wait, there’s more!

Our Thursday evening virtual wine dinner series at Roma continues: tomorrow night we’re hosting — via Zoom — Martina Molino, legacy grower at Mauro Molino in La Morra in Barolo (we’re tasting her 2017 Barolo Gallinotto); next week, my bromance Paolo Cantele is joining (tasting his 2015 Amativo, which is smoking right now btw).

Please visit our website for updates.

And behind door number three…

The Italy-America Chamber of Commerce is putting the final touches on the Taste of Italy Trade Fair and Festival, March 14 in Houston.

We’ve just confirmed a top Houston pit master for our “Texas BBQ and Italian Wine” seminar and a leading Houston sommelier for one of our wine seminars. Please stay tuned for details and feel free to hit me up if you want me to get you on our mailing list.

Thanks for all the support and thanks for loving Italian wine as much as I do! I hope to see you this month and beyond.

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