Check out a song I co-wrote and produced in “Emily in Paris.”

It seems like a lifetime has passed since my band Nous Non Plus released its third album “Freudian Slip” in 2011.

One of the tracks that I co-wrote and produced, “Bunga Bunga,” can be heard this month in Darren Star’s new show “Emily in Paris” on Netflix.

For those who want to check it out, it’s in episode 2, around 4 min. 30 sec. before the end of the show. It’s a really funny scene and I don’t want to spoil it.

The track, as you can imagine, was inspired by Berlusconi’s “bunga bunga” parties.

I also drew inspiration from a sonnet by Medieval Italian poet Francis Petrarch (the subject of my doctoral thesis) where he strings the names of Europe’s most important rivers one after another across the hendecasyllables (11-syllable lines) in the first stanza of the poem.

In our song, we imagine that the “bunga bunga” is a dance being performed in cities across the world. Lovers of pop music will also recognize the classic Motown hit “Dancing in the Streets” as another inspiration.

Singer Céline Dijon belts out world capitals as the drums and keyboards drive the beat.

The idea is that sexual fulfillment is something that we all share, everywhere in the world, and not just in the cloistered palazzi of Milan and secluded villas of the Emerald Coast.

Milan ou Tripoli
Vilnius ou Benghazi
Paris, Moscou on fait le Bunga Bunga

Most of the song was recorded at our house in Austin, where we living at the time. The song’s pulsing sequenced drums were created by Julien Galner of Paris-based electronica band Château Marmount. And singer/songwriter David Garza also sings on the track. He shared a production credit on the album (check out his amazing guitar solo on “Neil,” which we wrote for a noted New York wine blogger). I did all the keyboards (my first keyboard credit on one of our albums).

As we face the dismal news of the day and hurricane Delta heading for the Gulf Coast, our oldest, Georgia, is playing guitar for online show-and-tell in our living room. She only knows a few chords but it’s enough to make her father remember the hope and joy of life lived before and the life to come.

She was born about nine months after we finished tracking the album. It seems like a lifetime ago…

Thanks for listening. It’s one of the songs I’m most proud of. Be well, stay safe, do good work, and have a restful weekend.

3 thoughts on “Check out a song I co-wrote and produced in “Emily in Paris.”

  1. omg Jeremy, I love that song!! I have driven Shields T. crazy by playing it ever since I heard it in “Emily in Paris.” (Yes, I admit to loving Emily in Paris just like I admit to having loved Sideways for all these years.) You are so incredibly talented. Congratulations ten times over!!

    • Miss Jane, it’s so awesome to see you here! SO many great memories of Austin. We recorded that track while we were still living there.

      Once things open up again, I’ll make a point of bugging you about tasting together when I get back… thanks so much for this sweet note. It’s been a really tough week and this really brought some sunshine into our lives. Tra says hey toO! Un abbraccio

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