Shanah tovah (שנה טובה). May your new year be filled with sweetness…

Shanah tovah u’metuka. May you have a good and sweet year ahead.

On Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year, we eat apples and honey as a symbol of the sweet year ahead we hope G-d will grant us.

May you and yours be inscribed and sealed [in the Book of Life] for a good and sweet new year.


Let us turn our heads heavenward and, while thanking Him for sparing so much human life, beseech G-d to restore health and well-being to those who are suffering!

Let us ask G-d for a Happy, Healthy and Sweet New Year for the entire universe! Our High Holiday prayers, we are taught, have an extraordinary effect on the year ahead – let’s seize the opportunity!

Let us make firm, tangible resolutions to better ourselves and increase our mitzvot, in both our interpersonal and our G-d-and-us relationships.

And let us all simply shower one another with blessings!

Thanks for being here. I’ll see you next week. Happy new year…

2 thoughts on “Shanah tovah (שנה טובה). May your new year be filled with sweetness…

  1. L’Shanah Tovah, Jeremy, to you and your family. Feel good about what you accomplished this past year with the Confederate monument in Texas. One of many mitzvahs, I’m sure.

  2. Leshana Tova Umetuka A Good and Sweet Year,
    May we be blessed this coming Jewish New Year, for G-d to have written us, and on Yom Kippur for G-d to sign, all of humanity into the book of life.

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