COVID-19 resources for North American wine professionals, rent relief options, a live chat with a colleague in Hong Kong, and another virtual tasting video…

Tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. CST (9 a.m. EST) I’ll be speaking to my colleague Natalie Wang in Hong Kong about how the Chinese wine trade is recovering (image via Natalie’s Facebook).

Yesterday, my client Ethica Wines published a shortlist of COVID-19 resources for wine professionals that I put together. Check it out here.

Another post worth checking out is this video by attorney Frank Cerza, a board member of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce South Central (also my client). In the clip, he discusses different options for negotiating rent relief. Check it out here.

Tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. CST (9 a.m. EST/6 a.m. PST) I’ll be chatting live on the Ethica Wines Instagram (@EthicaWines) with my colleague Natalie Wang who lives and works in Hong Kong. We’ll be discussing the current situation in the Chinese wine trade as the country begins to reopen. I’m very eager to hear what she has to report because I hope it will be a model (and a glimmer of hope) for how we can get our wine industry rolling again.

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to one of the coolest people I know in the American wine trade, Thibault Idenn, who runs the superb wine program at Travelle in the Langham Hotel in Chicago. That’s him (below, right), the “best sommelier in Chicago 2019” according to the Reader, with Scarpa director Riikka Sukula in November when we all tasted together at the hotel. His is the latest entry in the Scarpa Cellar Dive virtual tasting video series. Check it out here.

We’ve got some fun people lined up for the Scarpa series and I plan to do more videos here on my blog as well.

Thanks for being here and thanks for everything you do for Italian wine — even if it’s just by drinking it!

Remember: every click counts, every like matters. Please stay safe and isolate. Ce la faremo, as the Italians say, we will get through this… together.

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