Heartfelt thanks to our friend Katrina Rene for her Scarpa Cellar Dive virtual tasting

Earlier this week when I posted about the virtual tasting video series I’m working on, a ton of folks reached out and said they would put their shoulder to this wheel.

First and foremost among them was our good friend Katrina Rene (above) from Houston.

By day, she’s a super power lawyer. By night (and occasionally by day, too!) she runs the Corkscrew Concierge. Combined with her growing following on Instagram, it’s one of the top wine blogs in the country right now.

She created the video below for the Scarpa Cellar Dive series (Scarpa, my client, is offering to replace bottles that people use in virtual tasting videos).

Kat, you’re a great friend: THANK YOU for helping to support Italian wine by sharing the clip. :)

In coming weeks, I’ll be posting more of my own videos as well as videos by anyone who wants to share them with me. It doesn’t matter which wine you feature. Just make it Italian!

Check out this feature story about Katrina. And be sure to follow her blog.

As all of us hunker down for the ongoing health crisis, I hope this series will bring some light into all of our lives. We could all use a little joy these days and there’s some of that good stuff in every bottle of Italian wine.

Stay safe and isolate! Know that we’re all in this together.

Un abbraccio a tutti. Ce la faremo!

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