EU officially recognizes Vermouth di Torino designation

According to a report published the Italian national daily La Repubblica, the European Union has recognized “Vermouth di Torino” as an official EU designation.

The announcement of the new designation came last week as the recently formed Consorzio del Vermouth di Torino (the consortium of Vermouth di Torino producers) was holding a festival in Turin (Torino) celebrating the legacy of aromatized wines there.

While the designation had already been approved by the Italian ministry of agriculture in 2017, it has taken two years for the Italian government’s counterparts in Brussels to take this historic and important step.

With the newly approved EU designation, Vermouth di Torino now joins a growing list of countries that have received or requested protected status for aromatized wines. According to the European Commission, these include Nürnberger Glühwein, Thüringer Glühwein, Samoborski bermet, and Vino Naranja del Condado de Huelva.

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4 thoughts on “EU officially recognizes Vermouth di Torino designation

  1. Dear Jeremy,I liked the info on the Istituto di Vermouth. Obviously, the new owners of Scarpa want to get ahead and I think with you they will. We started having Scarpa imported for us after a suggestion by Gerald Asher in the 80s. Dr. Pesce was a real character. Un Piemontese vecchio stampo. Why don’t you say that Carlo Castino was his nephew? He is a very good winemaker, and I think very much under appreciated. His father was the vineyardist. But there are probably more stories, alla piemonteisa, that underpin all of this.  I know of great rows with Gaja and other producers. Stories about Rouchet and the dry Frisa and Brachetto. A lot of it was never very clear to me and I did not push for answers. Most likely, INVIDIA. You might want to contact Gerald for some back stories about Scarpa. He never imported the wine, but though a lot of it. I can send you some of the newsletters I wrote about Scarpa. The wines keep well and were the first wines I saw of what was to become the appellation Nizza. Happy Holidays,Darrell

    • Jeremy, I just started selling an excellent Vermouth by Francesco Mariani of Raina in Umbria. Can we expect a similar designation?

    • Darrell, thanks so much for this and thanks for being here. I’m dying to catch up with you and talk about your experiences with Scarpa. And thanks for the kind words. I’ll reach out to you directly. Happy holidays and speak soon. Abbraccio J

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