Orange, Texas disaster update: our families safe and dry but towns still underwater

I grabbed the above photo this morning from family friend Glynis’ Facebook.

That’s her house on the left (flooded) and Aunt Ida’s house (not flooded, miraculously) in an image snapped above Bridge City (one town over from Orange) using a drone yesterday.

Reverend and Jane Branch (my in-laws) got some water in their house — for the first time ever. But they are okay and still in their home with another family friend whose house flooded and memaw (Tracie’s grandmother) who is in her 90s.

The Parzen/Branch/Johnson family has been extremely lucky throughout the disaster. But our communities have been (literally) devastated. Most of Orange and the towns that make up the Golden Triangle are still completely underwater and nearly all of the towns north of I-10 have been under mandatory evacuation orders.

Thanks for all the wishes and the prayers. They went to good use. Now it’s time to take care of those who haven’t been as fortunate as we have.

We actually managed to send some supplies to a relief distribution center in Orange yesterday. Tracie is still taking donations on her PayPal ( Thanks for all the donations, everyone. We’ve been delivering all kinds of needed items to distribution centers and every little bit helps.

Gotta run: lots of drywall still to muck up today… G-d bless.

One thought on “Orange, Texas disaster update: our families safe and dry but towns still underwater

  1. My prayers go out to all,keep hope alive, I went from dallas,tx. to orange,tx. to get my mother (which is 102 years old and my sister) when was told I couldn’t get in there and brought them back to dallas. My mother was living in optimist village and now she is in dallas. May God bless you if there’s a will there’s a way

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