The perils of wine blogging in #TrumpAmerica: readers strike back

For readers who may have missed them, here are a few comments that appeared on my blog last week.

Dr. Cary Murphy (below), family medicine doctor in Clay Center, Kansas on “What scares me in #TrumpAmerica: white people…”

I left your blog a few years ago when you began to spend more time praising Obamacare and gushing about your new daughter than talking about wine. I thought I would try it again today and was disappointed to see your gross generalization of Trump supporters as white supremacists. I really enjoyed your wine blogging and thoughts on other aspects of culture. I find your need to proselytize your politics off putting.

Michele Gargani (below), chef in southern California on “Asshole wine blogger? Yeah, that would be me and proud of it.”

Just had 2009 Schioppettino from Bressan… Amazing!

One thought on “The perils of wine blogging in #TrumpAmerica: readers strike back

  1. One of the joys of writing your blog is it is just that, your blog. I happen to value the information you give on wine, find your political views in line with mine even though naïve at times and the photos of the family a nice distraction from wine. If folks don’t like it, like the good Doctor wrote, don’t read it.

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