Trump America: Post-its from the edge (and the mood here in Houston)

The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls and whispered in the sounds of silence…

post-its-union-square-trumpAbove: the number of Post-it notes at the Union Square subway station in Manhattan continues to grow. In another chapter of my life, I visited that subway stop nearly every day. This image and the ones that follow were sent to me by my friend and Manhattanite Ben Shapiro. Click on the images below for high-resolution versions and feel free to share them as you like.

According to a Fox News post published this week, “President-elect Donald Trump’s immigration advisers could recommend a registry for immigrants from Muslim countries and countries with significant problems with terrorism, according to a top ally.”

“Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach,” wrote the editors of the Fox website, “an immigration hard-liner who has been advising Trump, told Reuters that transition policy advisers are weighing the merits of such a registry.”

“A prominent supporter of Donald J. Trump [Carl Higbie] drew concern and condemnation from advocates for Muslims’ rights on Wednesday,” reported the New York Times this week, “after he cited World War II-era Japanese-American internment camps as a ‘precedent’ for an immigrant registry suggested by a member of the president-elect’s transition team.”

As a Jew who grew up attending a minimum of two hours of Shoah studies each week at Hebrew school until I became bar mitzvah at age 13 and as a student of European history throughout my undergraduate and graduate student career, the thought of a public registry of persons based on their religious beliefs sounds as horrific to me today as it did when President Trump first entertained the idea during his campaign many months ago.

The difference is that now, in Trump America, the registry could very well be implemented.

As a Jew I stand with our Muslim sisters and brothers and I applaud the formation, this week, of the Muslim-Jewish Advisory Council, “a new national group of leading Muslim and Jewish Americans [that] was launched this month at a meeting convened by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).”

I applaud Jewish and Muslim leaders for taking a stand on the terrifying prospect that our nation could embrace such a policy. And I hope Christian leaders will do the same.

Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz are devoutly religious political figures within the Republican party. It’s hard for me to imagine that a registry based on religious beliefs will align with their Christian beliefs. I trust that their belief in G-d and the teachings of Jesus Christ will trump Trump’s vision for a religious-based registry.

Here in Houston, the mood is tense and people speak of the current situation — as Trump administration appointments trickle in — in hushed and restrained tones. So far my friends on the right have refrained (mostly) from deriding me for my views. (Surprisingly, the criticism of my politically inspired blogging has come mostly from the West Bank of the country.) Friends on the left seem to wait until the “coast is clear” before they speak up about their feelings. But when they do, their pain and disbelief seem to bleed from them.

Please have a look at the Post-its that follow. These tiny notes, like prayers tucked into the ancient walls of the Temple, speak volumes… (Thank you, Ben, for sending and sharing them.)




One thought on “Trump America: Post-its from the edge (and the mood here in Houston)

  1. This Jewish Boy will registrar himself along with the Muslims. My father in law burned his yellow star, but I’ll put one on in protest.

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