Happy Birthday, Tracie P! We love you so much…

Before I met you I could hardly tie my shoes
Before you came into my life I could never lose the lonely blues
But knowing that you love me there’s no way that I could lose
You are my wife and lover, you are my muse

birthday-custom-cakes-partyHappy birthday, Tracie P!

The girls and I already began celebrating this weekend with cards, roses, and chocolates and a steak dinner with one of our favorite red wines on Sunday night (man, those steaks you brought home were good!). But today, October 11, is the day you came into this world.

Every time we celebrate a family holiday, my memories drift back to 2007 (nearly 10 years ago!) when I first discovered your blog and 2008 when we first started writing each other and I first visited you in Texas. Later that year you came to visit me in San Diego for the first time.

It’s so incredible to think about how the winds of fate brought us together and what we have built together since that time.

The girls and I love you so much and we love, love, love our lives together. The joys and fears, the highs and lows, the triumphs and the challenges… Every moment of life with you is a blessing and a miracle.

Here’s a little family video that I put together to celebrate your birthday this year, with photos from the Parzen family fall.

We love you, mommy… I love you, piccina… Happy birthday!

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