Italy’s never-ending viticultural wonders

enrico cauda roero fornaceTracie P and I were blown away — BLOWN AWAY — by the superb flight of wines that we tasted yesterday at the Collisioni festival’s Roero event.

That’s Enrico Cauda of Cascina Fornace, above, just one of the roughly 20 producers who showed their wines at Malabaila castle in the historic center of Canale (township). From the conventional to the elegantly macerated to the crunchy and funky, there wasn’t a bad wine in the house.

We’re about to head back to Houston today. But in coming days, I’ll have notes on Roero, Dolcetto di Dogliani, Nascetta, a new classic-style Barolo producer, and so many other incredible wines we tasted.

I’ll also share notes on what people from many different walks of (wine) life had to say about the Vietti sale (you might be surprised by what I learned).

I’ve been coming to Italy as a wine professional for more than 15 years now and even after so many visits, I’m always amazed and thrilled by the new wines I discover on each trip (the Roero event was particularly revelatory).

Thanks for being here and following along. See you on the other side!

barolo castle tour

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