Tromboncino squash purée with cuttle fish was fantastic and so was the ViniVeri fair

Please come taste Franciacorta with with me on Monday, April 18 at L’Apicio in lower Manhattan (4-6 p.m.). All are welcome and RSVP not required. Click here for details.

pascaline lepeltierThe first time, you go for the wines. But then you keep going back for the people.

One of the most fun things about the ViniVeri fair is all the super cool people you connect with there — from Italy and America and Georgia and France…

I’ve been giving the ViniVeri consortium a hand raising awareness of their cause this year. Today, I posted my schmooze-fest photos on its Facebook. Check it out here.

flavio costa chefAnother one of the highlights from my trip this week was dinner with a group of American colleagues at my client Tenuta Carretta’s new restaurant 21.9.

Chef Flavio Costa from Liguria has already earned his first Michelin star cooking on the coast. Now, he’s going for gold in Piedmont wine country.

I was blown away by his cooking. That’s his tromboncino squash purée with cuttlefish in their ink and candied lemon zest, one of his signature dishes. Friggin’ brilliant!

Click here for some more of my favorite dishes from the evening.

I had never had “semi dry” salt cod (also know as the “3/4 cure”). Flavio served it with wild Piedmontese salsify. That was also amazing.

Posting in a hurry this morning as I battle jetlag catch up on work. Thanks for being here, everyone. Buon weekend and hope to see you on Monday in NYC!

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