#MostTalkedAbout: director Davide Vanni debuts “Vitae” a new documentary film at ViniVeri (PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT)

davide vanni director documentary vitaeIt’s one of the most talked about events of the Italian wine trade fair season of 2016.

The debut of “Vitae”: a documentary featuring 50 natural winemakers by director Davide Vanni (above).

Davide will be presenting and screening the film for the first time at the ViniVeri fair on Saturday, April 9.

An educator specializing in children with special needs, a mountain shepherd, a blogger, cinéaste and filmmaker, Davide enjoys a cult following among Italy’s wine intelligentsia.

In February 2015, he set out on a journey to visit each of Italy’s 20 regions with his camera in hand.

But there was a hitch: Davide doesn’t own a car and so public transportation was his means of conveyance — trains, busses, and ferries.

In the trailer below, he describes the film as a “reverse wine fair.”

“And then it hit me,” he says in the voiceover, “it would be great to create a reverse wine fair by going the estates instead of going to the fair.”

I’ve been giving the ViniVeri consortium a hand in promoting awareness of the fair among anglophones this season. Click here to read my posts on their blog. I’ll be at the fair in Cerea (Verona province) on Saturday, April 9. Please join me that day or visit the fair April 8-10. Click here for registration details.

Image via TerraUomoCielo.

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