We are the world, we are the wine bloggers (Boston, you throw an awesome wine party!)

jeremy parzen wine blogThanks again Rich for the awesome pics you took of our Franciacorta tasting the other night in Boston at Wine Bottega!

It seems like only yesterday but it was really about nine years ago that I started to follow our friend Anthony on social media.

At the time, he was on the road playing guitar with a major recording artist. Traveling across the world and performing in major European and American cities, he would post a note on his social media as he would roll into each new town: “where can I find some natural wine?” he would query. Invariably, like-minded wine lovers would answer with detailed lists of venues where he could find wines that he liked to drink (as the rest of us took notes for future travels).

I was reminded of Anthony’s crowd-sourcing on Wednesday night when I poured Franciacorta for a fantastic group of wine folks at the Wine Bottega in Boston’s North End.

I’ve spent next to no time in Boston over the arc of my wine blogging life yet it was like being welcome by a group of old friends, even though I was meeting most of them for the first time in person.

Please have a look at Richard Auffrey’s excellent post on his impressions of our tasting and his insights into what makes Franciacorta such a unique expression of sparkling wine today (including some of his stand-out wines from the flight).

Thank you, Rich, for your kind words and superb post (and the awesome photos).

Thank you, wine blogger Karin O’Brien and wine educator Roz Angoff, for joining and tasting with us.

Thank you to the owners and staff at the Wine Bottega for hosting and creating such a fantastic space and environment for tastings like this (and thanks for the kind words in your eblast). Great shop, great selection, and great vibe!

And thanks, most of all, to my good friend Adam Japko — wine blogger, cultural entrepreneur, and all-around mensch — for creating the magic that happened on Wednesday.

I’m so lucky to have found a friend in you. And it’s all thanks to wine blogging.

In other news…

select oyster back bay neptune ownerBefore our tasting, we tried unsuccessfully to get into Boston’s sexiest seafood destination these days, Neptune Oyster.

But I did manage to snag a spot at its sister venue in the Back Bay, Select Oyster Bar, on Thursday for lunch.

Man, you just can’t get oysters like that beyond the northeastern and northwestern coasts.

Really superb stuff.

And I also really dug the Branger Muscadet Les Fils de Gras Mouton for just $9 a glass. Great value and great wine (below).

Boston, you throw an awesome wine party! Buon weekend, everyone!

Les Fils Gras Mouton muscadet

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