Best breakfast in Verona (a recommendation)

american breakfast verona italyRemember the Super Tramp song, “Breakfast in America”?

Could we have kippers for breakfast
Mummy dear, Mummy dear?
They got to have ’em in Texas
‘Cause everyone’s a millionaire.

The European-American divide in breakfast habits and rituals is always a source mystery and befuddlement for travelers heading in both directions.

In the U.S., we eat most savory foods for breakfast (a nod to our Anglo-Saxon heritage). In Italy, they serve sweet foods for the morning collation.

Most hotels in Italy accommodate American guests with familiar breakfast foods like bacon, sausage, and eggs.

But once you leave your lodging, you’ll be hard-pressed to find American-style chow.

Beyond the sweet-savory dialectic, one of the staples of the Parzen family fast break is orange juice (and on special occasions, fresh-squeezed orange juice).

That was why I was so happy to stumble upon the wonderful Bottega del Caffè Dersut franchise in Verona on Via del Pontiere where they also happen to have a fresh fruit and vegetable juice bar.

juice bar italy italiaThose are just three of the options above (from top to bottom): Cleanse (carrot, celery, apple), Tan-Inducing (carrot, orange, apple, kiwi), Anti-Stress (carrot, apple, ginger, celery).

I opted for a double-shot of straight orange juice and it was delicious.

fresh squeezed orange juice recipeAnd they also had pastries filled with Bronte (Sicily) pistachio creme (below). I generally don’t like to eat sweet things for breakfast but this was ridiculously good. And the Bottega’s coffee was also excellent.

bronte pistachio sicilyThe Bottega del Caffè in Verona has no website nor a Google page. But here’s the listing in Google maps.

It was right around the corner from the Hotel Best Western Armando, where the Valpolicella consortium put me up.

The breakfast at this three-star hotel wasn’t anything to write home about but the hotel was extremely clean and the wifi worked great. The staff was also super pro and nice. I would definitely stay there again.

And the added bonus is that it’s a three-minute walk from the Bottega del Caffè Dersut.

Does anyone remember “La bottega del caffè,” “The Coffee House,” a comedy by 18th-century Venetian playwright Carlo Goldoni? I translated it many years ago for Marsilio publishers.

3 thoughts on “Best breakfast in Verona (a recommendation)

  1. Ed, one of these days we need to connect in Italy! I would love that.

    And Francesco, I’ll trade you a tour of Eastern European food in New York for a tour of favorite breakfast places in Padua, my first “home” in Italy!

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