Mother, wife, lover, partner: happy anniversary and thank you for the best years of my life…

jeremy parzen wifeTracie P, my goodness, we’ve been married for 6 years!

Today, January 31, marks the day that we were wed in La Jolla. Happy anniversary, my love, and thank you for what have been — by far and beyond — the best six years of my life.

As I was mulling over what I wanted to write in my happy anniversary blogication to you, I started to think about the word best, the superlative adjective, an absolute used to describe something that surpasses all others like it.

These years have been the best: our coming together, our engagement, marriage, and first home; our children and the business that we have built together.

Now that Georgia P is 4 and Lila Jane is 2 and a half (and no longer a toddler), a new chapter of our lives is beginning to unfold.

In the wake the frenetic, hectic, and often exhausting but always exhilarating early years of child rearing, you and I are beginning to take evenings out again. We’ve begun to travel a bit — two days here, three days here. And we’ve begun to have a little more time to ourselves at home.

These years certainly have been the best of my life — until now.

“Until now” because I know that we have many “best” years ahead of us, too. They won’t surpass those that came before them, no. They will be remembered, I am sure, side-by-side with years past, like time in a bottle, as rich and as rewarding and as fulfilling as the first chapters in our book of life.

As I look back today on the last year of our life in marriage, I remember that even the toughest moments of the last 12 months have been eclipsed by the joy that you bring into all our lives. And I know that I can face any challenge or adversity that may lay ahead because I have you by my side, the best partner I could have ever hoped for and the most beautiful woman I could have ever dreamed of.

I love you Tracie P — mother, wife, lover, and partner. Happy anniversary!

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