My hipster guide to sparkling wines and getting laid in Houston

terry theise“It always makes me very happy to learn that my wines helped someone to get laid,” said importer Terry Theise when I bumped into him at the excellent Ribelle in Boston a few weeks ago.

That’s Terry (above, left) with my friend Adam Japko (with whom I’ll be leading a Design and Wine trip to Italy next year).

Terry was responding to my telling him about how Tracie P and I drank and enjoyed so many of his “grower Champagnes” during our early courtship.

Even in Austin, Texas, where we lived at the time and where wines generally cost a little more than in other major markets across the U.S., we could afford them (they fall in the $40-60 price range in our state) and they were always delicious.

That evening in New England, he tasted Adam and me on a sekt rosé from Spätburgunder by Messmer (below). It’s what what Tracie P and I — now married with children — will be drinking on Christmas day with our family in southeast Texas.

And it’s also one of my top picks for sparkling wines for the holidays for the Houston Press in my HIPSTER’S GUIDE TO SPARKLING WINE [and getting laid] IN HOUSTON.

The list includes recommendations from some of our city’s leading wine professionals. You might be surprised by some of their picks (most of them recommended Italian wines!). But it also gives a good indication of the savvy that shapes the fine wine scene here.

Sparkle on you crazy diamonds and please don’t serve your bubbles in flutes! Happy holidays!

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