A sexy song for Tracie P and a new album from the Parzen Family Singers

Stream or download the whole album here for free!

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The Parzen Family Singers’ long-awaited album “Songs from Texas” is finally here! Nine new songs about their life in Texas and beyond, written and recorded in Austin and Houston between 2008-2015.

Songs from Texas (cover) thumbChristmas Comes Just Once a Year

The dream of every Jewish song-writer? To write a great Christmas song.

She Can Change My Whole Wide World

The world I travel but only Tracie P can change my whole wide world.

Georgia Ann

A love song for Georgia, who always gets mad when I go away for work but forgives me when I get back.

Lalala Lila Jane

This song was borne out of how much fun it is to say Lila’s name. It rocks out, just like her.

Lady (I want to make sweet love to you)

What can I say? My wife is hot! Don’t believe me? Watch the Youtube above.

Hey Joe

I wrote this for my bromance Giovanni for his 40th birthday. He’s a regular Casanova.


Dindo is one of my best friends in Italy. Knowing him makes me happy, just like this song (my good buddy Nathan Smith from Houston plays killer sax on this track).

Tracie B (Won’t you marry me)

I proposed marriage to Tracie P, then B, with this song, one of the first I wrote for her.

All We Need Is Grapes

The lyrics of this track actually have a deeper meaning than meets the ear.

Click here to download or stream.

Songs from Texas (liner notes) thumb

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