Foradori 2012 Teroldego, wow, what a wine!

foradori teroldegoOn Sunday night we hosted our Levy-Kelly cousins at our house for a spaghettata and a little post-Thanksgiving celebration.

The newest member of the mishpucha, Chiara, who’s from Viterbo, made some excellent meatballs for the occasion and we paired with a bottle of 2012 Teroldego by Foradori, a wine that really blew me away for its value and extreme quality and originality.

I actually drank the last glass in the bottle on Monday night and it was even better than than the previous evening: its vibrancy and electric fruit seemed even more present after a day of aeration.

It had that “nervousness,” as Italian like to describe the tension between the wine’s acidity and tannin.

Pretty hard to beat its value at $30 a pop in our market (about $25 in California).

In other news…

Just had to share this photo of Lila Jane, snapped this morning as she was helping her mother bake cookies. Not a bad gig being the daughter of a cookie lady, eh?

cookie monster

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