Boulder, mon amour! Thank you! And my new career as a culture wars blogger

boulder wine merchant franciacortaI’m kinda getting blue as my year-long project blogging about and pouring Franciacorta wines as the Franciacorta Consortium trade ambassador for the U.S. comes to its end.

Just one more tasting (Seattle) and a few more weeks of blogging to go. But, man, what a way to go out!

That was my tasting (above) at the Boulder Wine Merchant on Wednesday, where the store now carries four skus from Franciacorta (previously none).

And yesterday, I led a seminar and tasting of 11 wines (below) for one of the most engaging and enthusiastic groups I’ve encountered all year.

st julien hotel conference event roomI’ll never forget the moment when my good friend, Master Sommelier and Boulder Wine Merchant owner Brett Zimmerman, talked to our group about how he feels that Franciacorta is going to be one of the next big things in the U.S.

It was a truly magical moment for me: in part because I love these wines so much and in part because I’ve put some real blood, sweat, and tears into this campaign this year (more blood and tears than I had imagined).

And dulcis in fundo, Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey is about to add a Franciacorta by-the-glass to his stellar list at Frasca, one of me and Tracie P’s favorite restaurants in the world.

It’s really too bad that the project has to come to an end. Mishegas aside, I’ve really enjoyed it.

tuna crudo frascaThe food and wine community and culture in Boulder are among the most sophisticated and engaged in the U.S. today in my experience.

That’s the tuna crudo at Frasca (above) btw. Can you think of a better pairing for Franciacorta?

It was remarkable to interact with the team members at the Boulder Wine Merchant and Frasca over these two days that I’ve been working here. I can’t think of anywhere else in the country where young people are more excited about enogastronomy or more motivated to deliver the highest level of service.

Thank you, Boulder! You really made my year with your warm reception and your embrace of the wines I was showing. Thank you!

In other news…

In a first for me, I’ve been published in the Arts and Culture section of a major urban weekly.

Today, the Houston Press, where I usually blog about wine, published my recent post about my bizarre predilection for using women’s bathrooms in Houston.

I’m wedged in between a review of a “bodacious” cabaret performer and another of a locally produced opera.

My post on how so many Americans look down on Houstonians and this more recent post (which is actually about Houston’s horrific repeal of its equal rights ordinance) have had such an overwhelming response that I’m thinking of becoming a culture wars blogger.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print blog about. Now it’s time to get my ass on a plane in Denver and get back to the Parzen womenfolk down on the bayou where I belong. Thanks for reading and buon weekend a tutti!

2 thoughts on “Boulder, mon amour! Thank you! And my new career as a culture wars blogger

  1. I think this is really a shame that the Franciacorta Consortium are choosing not to renew their campaign with you. But I know another (even wealthier) Consortium that would love to talk to you about 2016. One door closes, another one opens. What will be Franciacorta’s loss will be B——-‘s gain!

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