Friulian winemaker Roberto Snidarcig responds to allegations that prohibited additives were used in his wines

The following statement by Friulian winemaker Roberto Snidarcig, owner of the Tiare winery, was published today by (translation mine).

It comes in response to a report (published yesterday) that his winery, along with sixteen others, has been implicated in an investigation of alleged use of prohibited additives.

In reference to the news that appeared today in the media, and, in particular, relative to the alleged use of aroma enhancers in Sauvignon [Blanc], we would like to make clear that we have nothing to do with this whole affair, which is gravely damaging our reputation. Yesterday, seventeen wineries were visited by authorities, including ours. They confiscated ambient yeasts obtained from the best grapes from our 2015 harvest. We have already made a formal request that they be released.

We have faith in the justice system and we are calmly waiting for this affair to be cleared up quickly. It is gravely penalizing not just our winery but all of Friulian viticulture. And it is frustrating years of work and commitment. We have already hired the Ponti law firm to take every possible action to safeguard our good name and brand.

Roberto Snidarcig

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