Prosciutto steak at my new favorite restaurant in Emilia: “La Grande”

From the department of “vado alla grande”…

pork steakWriting on the fly this morning as my three-day tour of Lambruscoland has come to an end and I head back to Milan to get on a Texas-bound flight.

I just had to share these images from lunch yesterday and my new favorite restaurant in Emilia, Trattoria “La Grande” da Silvano in Lagrande, a hamlet in Nonantola township in Modena province.

tagliatelle bolognese recipe emiliaWe went to so many fantastic, iconic restaurants on this trip (and I have much more to tell and post).

But Trattoria “La Grande” had everything going for it: Silvano, the classic “inn keeper,” the homemade vinegars (balsamic and red wine), a self-serve vegetable bar, and that “prosciutto steak,” as he called it, in the photo above, and the best tagliatelle al ragù I had on the trip, in the second photo.

I loved LOVED this place!

Ok, gotta run… see you on the other side… and please wish me speed! Thanks for following along…

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