Giorgio Grai never fails: 1981 Alto Adige Pinot Nero

giorgio grai winemaker italyIt took a little while for this bottle to come around last night, but, holy crap, it was utterly beautiful.

Francesco, one of my best friends in Italy, has been soon generous in digging deep into his cellar for these older bottles by the legendary winemaker Giorgio Grai (a good friend of his).

And aside from one corked bottle (out of roughly eight or so, but who’s keeping count?), these wines from the 1980s and early 90s always deliver spectacular aromas and flavor.

I learned last night, btw, that Giorgio — in his mid 80s — is planning to launch yet a new label. That’s all I can say about it but it will be thrilling, I’m sure, to taste his new project.

Thank you again, Francesco! So lovely to see you and Marina and to share a wonderful meal and conversation last night in Siena.

Today, I’m in Asolo and tomorrow I’ll be tasting the debut bottlings of Asolo Prosecco DOCG Extra Brut (which means less than 6 grams residual sugar).

Of the three townships that make Prosecco DOCG (Asolo, Conegliano, and Valdobbiadene), Asolo is the only one that produces Extra Brut (a new category to be presented for the first time tomorrow).

Stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “Giorgio Grai never fails: 1981 Alto Adige Pinot Nero

  1. Georgio Grai is indeed a great winemaker. One of the greatest wines I ever tasted (about 20 yeas ago) was a 1961 Pinot Bianco made by Grai. When Andre T. tasted it, he got down on his knees and bowed to Georgio Grai. Glad to know Grai is still alive and working.

  2. in the Prosecco Superiore docg Asolo or Conegliano Valdobbiadene doesn’t exist the “extra brut”, You can make a Prosecco docg with a low residual sugar, but you can’t write on the label.
    For example we produce from 2009 a bottle fermented Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene Alice .G docg pas dosé with 1.50 g/l residual sugar. There are many other producer like Bellenda winery, they produce S.C. 1931 Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene docg bottle fermented Metodo classico pas dosé, Follador Prosecco Valdobbiadene superiore docg brut nature.

  3. Jeremy nella zona del Prosecco Superiore docg Asolo e Conegliano Valdobbiadene fino ad ora si è prodotto anche extra brut solo che non era possibile mettere in etichetta la dicitura “extra brut”.
    in effetti ci sono molto aziende che lo hanno prodotto e continuano a produrre Prosecco DOCG con residui zuccherini inferiori ai 6 gr/l.
    Asolo ha già ottenuto questa variazione al disciplinare, il Conegliano Valdobbiadene l’ha approvata ed è in attesa della modifica ufficiale.

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