Eugenio Boer’s extraordinary cooking

The adventure begins…

pasta primavera recipeLast night found me at dinner in Radda in Chianti at the Zonin family’s Castello d’Albola estate.

As I head out today for winery visits, I don’t have time this morning to explain why or how I got here. But I will reveal all in good time.

In the meantime, I just had to share a few photos of Chef Eugenio Boer’s extraordinary food. The Zonins had brought him down to Tuscany from his restaurant, L’Essenza in Milan, especially for the occasion.

That’s his spring vegetables, above.

venison recipeEugenio insisted that we eat this venison crudo with our hands. Delicious… Note how they served the dish on alberese, a stone that plays an important role in Chianti’s soils.

eugenio boer chefEugenio (above) is Italian-Dutch and his work reflects both culinary traditions. I was totally blown away by the creativity and wholesomeness his food.

monty waldin wine biodyanmicsA preview of a post to come: that’s Monty Waldin (left), who literally grilled professor Denis Dubourdieu during our tasting.

Stay tuned…

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