All you need is groovy wine and love: wine list back on track @SottoLA

best wine list los angelesSo much to report from my trip this week to California, including a super fun evening and fantastic wines, caviar, and conversation last night at Ceri Smith’s amazing Biondivino wine boutique in San Francisco.

But as I’m getting ready to board this morning for Houston from Oakland, I’m extremely happy to report that the wine list at Sotto is now back on track.

That’s the server crew at the restaurant (above), including the wine program manager Christine Veys (seated back, right), who co-authors the list with me.

Over the last few months, Christine and I have been working hard to bring the list back into focus.

best trebbiano abruzzo naturalAnd here’s the funny thing: now that we’ve eliminated the banal “crowd pleasers” and “dick waggers” that had insinuated themselves into our selection, we’re actually selling more wine!

It goes to show that groovy wine and love is all you need.

That’s the amphora-raised Trebbiano d’Abruzzo by natural producer Francesco Cirelli (above), which we currently serve by the glass (one of my personal favorites).

2015 will be the fourth year of our list at Sotto and I’m really psyched about what we’re working on for the new year.

Christine, you’ve done an extraordinary job and your ability as a taster is awesome.

To everyone at Sotto, thanks for believing in my crazy idea that we could turn LA on to groovy, crunchy, funky, soulful southern Italian wine.

You rock my world…

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