Understanding EU restrictions on internet marketing for wine & FIVI’s call for civil disobedience

monforte alba barolo langhe piemonteAbove: Monforte d’Alba is a village in the “Barolo” appellation. It lies in the “Langhe” hills of the “Piemonte” region. EU regulations restrict a Monforte-based producer of Barolo from mentioning “Langhe” or “Piemonte” in online and other marketing materials because of a perceived conflict with the “Langhe” and “Piemonte” appellations.

This morning, a client asked me to post on the brewing controversy in Italy over the EU’s restrictive regulation of regional references in internet marketing and other promotional media.

The story’s not exactly news: it first came to light in early October when FIVI, the Italian Federation of Independent Grape Growers, called for civil disobedience in the face of the restrictions.

But when Slow Food founder and activist Carlo Petrini published an online op-ed on the controversy on Friday, the story was picked up by English-language media.

Read my report here.

One thought on “Understanding EU restrictions on internet marketing for wine & FIVI’s call for civil disobedience

  1. The problem is that the European “Union” is founded on the misconception that everything can be controlled (and doled out) from a place called Brussels which itself cannot control its own language/culture-driven internal strife (Vlaams/Wallonia). If you place enough civil servants from all around the EU in one place then they will be the best to judge. Interestingly Louis XIV in France employed the exact same method -getting all the local nobility into his court at Versailles to compete with each other for his favors- to WEAKEN the local constituencies. And we all know how that ended when no. XVI came around …

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