L’shanah tovah, yall…

May you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year…

apple honey recipe jewish new yearIt was the best of years, it was the worst of years. It was a year of wisdom, it was a year of foolishness, it was a year of belief, it was a year of incredulity…

Looking back on the year gone by, I can’t help but think of the dichotomy of emotions that have pulsed through us.

This summer, we finally settled into our new home in Houston, where proximity to parents and cousins has made life so much simpler and fun.

We celebrated Lila Jane’s first birthday and she’s getting ready to start walking. Georgia P began talking and has started to express her interest in music.

Business is good and I’ve finally landed my first wine consortium client — a big career goal for me. I even sold a couple of songs this year.

At home, it couldn’t have been a better year.

Outside our home, we see a world in tumultu. Six years have passed since I first came to Texas to start a family with Tracie P and so many wonderful things have happened for us in that time. But we also worry about the world that our children will inherit and inhabit.

My work in the restaurant world has shown me some of the darker sides of modern life this year.

And in Italy, despite the brave face that many growers are wearing, harvest is proving to be immensely challenging.

For everyone who visits here, I wish a happy and healthy year ahead. May your hearts be filled with joy. And may G-d bless us all.

L’shanah tovah. Happy new year. I’ll see you on Friday.

Image via Rachel’s Flickr.

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