Extraordinary 14-year-old Franciacorta & a great post by @ItalianWineGuy

ca del bosco best wineA Texas-sized lightening storm took out my modem and wifi last night (and scarred the crap out of us when lightening struck a few doors down from our house).

But that didn’t stop our dinner guests, Tracie P, and me from thoroughly enjoying a bottle of 2000 Franciacorta Dosage Zero by Ca’ del Bosco.

This still youthful wine was vibrant and fresh with remarkable depth and character. Its fruit was rich and its acidity was perfectly integrated throughout its body.

A truly extraordinary, supreme expression of an often misunderstood and misrepresented appellation. One of the best bottles I’ve had all year…

I’m still recovering from a morning’s work lost (when I got to my cable provider’s office this morning, I discovered I wasn’t the only Houstonian with a fried modem).

But I just had to take a moment to share Alfonso’s excellent post on “Franciacorta’s ‘Little’ Problem.” It’s a great read…

4 thoughts on “Extraordinary 14-year-old Franciacorta & a great post by @ItalianWineGuy

  1. e il 2001 è ancora più buono.
    A distanza di anni continuo a reputarlo il miglior Franciacorta che ho assaggiato di questa azienda!

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