Le fol amant du vin à Houston au Texas

Savennieres Chateau EpireWine-bar hopping with a colleague last night reminded me of what an awesome time it is to be a fol amant du vin in the Bayou City.

A visit to my favorite wine bar in town, Camerata, delivered 2004 Savennières by Chateau d’Epiré. We tend to drink classic Chenin Blanc too early in its evolution and I was so geeked to dive into the nutty, “stinky cheese” flavors of this groovy wine.

costa di la prosecco col fondoNext came the current vintages of Mauro Lorenzon’s Costa di là vineyard-designated Prosecco Col Fondo at Dolce Vita, where my good buddy Nathan Smith runs the show.

These wines, which tend toward the radical, polarized some of the other wine professionals who were sipping and munching there last night. The higher altitude wine showed better imho.

But more than anything else, I was stoked to see that these very funky wines are making it Texas.

poggio di gaviNext, Nathan poured us these expression of Gavi by Poggio di Gavi, a winery I’d never tasted before.

I actually liked the entry-tier wine better: it was rounder and its fruit more present while the Gavi di Gavi was more angular and more mineral-driven. They were both excellent.

More and more, national importers are finding ways to get their wines to Texas and the number of small, independent Texas-based importers and distributors continues to expand. When I first got here back in 2008, the situation was much different.

In other Houston wine news…

Seven of the twenty-five Texas wine pros competing in the “best sommelier in Texas” event, to be held at the yearly frat party otherwise known as Texsom in Dallas this weekend, are Houstonians. I wrote a short post about them today for the Houston Press.

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