Double-digit growth in exports says Franciacorta Consortium panel

best franciacorta“Exports grew by 17.4 percent with respect to the first half of 2013,” write the authors of a press release issued today by the Franciacorta Consortium, “resulting in an overall increase in the number of bottles sold of 12.6 percent.”

“Once again, Japan is the top foreign market for Franciacorta, followed by the United States, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium. Growth continues in the United Kingdom where sales have grown notably (100.4 percent) thanks to marketing efforts that began there last year and heightened brand visibility.”

You can read my translation of the entire release over at the Barone Pizzini blog.

My post on Franciacorta yesterday here on Do Bianchi generated a lot of positive feedback. I am a huge fan of the wines and I’m thrilled to learn that the appellation continues to build its market presence abroad.

Thanks for reading. Buon weekend!

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