happy first birthday Lila Jane: you, your sister & mother are the loves of my life

lila jane first birthdayMy dear, sweet Lila Jane,

Happy first birthday!

These last year has been filled with joy and wonder as your mommy, sister, and I have watched you grow from newborn to near-toddler.

In the last few weeks, you started to sit up on your own and now you’ve begun scooting around and pulling up in your crib and on your toys.

So many people say that with your blue-green eyes and curly hair, you look more like your mother than me. But the other day, when we went to the super market just the two of us, so many people told me that you look just like me.

I can definitely see your mother’s features in your face. But more than anything, I see her sweetness in you every day.

Just like her, you are so easy going. Nothing ever seems to bother you, not even when you’re not feeling well, as long as we’re together. Even when you have a fever, you’re always so generous with your smiles, coos, hugs, and maaaammaaaas and daaaddaaas.

One thing that you inherited from both your mother and father is that you love to EAT! And even though you’re starting to become a little more picky these days, you eat nearly everything we give you — from mommy’s pomodoro to olive-cured tuna.

Another thing that you got from mommy and daddy is your love of music. Whenever you hear a rocking beat, that little tushy of yours starts to boogie. Yesterday, when a friend was over playing saxophone with me, you picked up a shaker and starting shaking it with the music as I held you in my lap!

Mommy and I have been working hard to build a healthy, good life for you. I feel so lucky to work at home: whenever I’m feeling down, I can always take a break and hold you in my arms. When I do, I remember that you, your sister, and your mother are the loves of my life.

And no matter what goes on in this often crazy world, our home is our special place where our love trumps all.

O sweet Lila Jane, you have brought so much happiness into our lives. Today, on your first birthday, I want to wish you a great year ahead. But I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart: you have taught me that no matter what happens in this life, we will always have each other. And that’s all that matters. That’s the only thing that matters.

Happy birthday sweet girl! We love you SO MUCH!

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