My favorite interview & my top 10 wine destinations in Houston

jeremy parzen wine blog bloggerAbove: friend and colleague Alfonso took this photo of me.

I feel so fortunate to be part of the national dialog on wine.

One of the fun things about belonging to the U.S. wine community is that wine writing colleagues will occasionally reach out and ask me to share my insights into Italian wine and trends in fine wine.

But I rarely get to talk about my other interests, like Italian cinema and indy music.

Until today…

Jameson Fink, author of one of my favorite wine blogs, Wine Without Worry, and contributor to Grape Collective, just posted an interview that we did via email.

In it, he gave me the opportunity to talk about some of my favorite Italian filmmakers, my music, and about the city that I have come to love and where I live with Tracie P and our girls, Houston. It includes my top 10 spots for wine in the Bayou City, where the scene is bustling like never before.

Jameson, thank you so much for this. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it really means the world to me… thank you, friend!

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