America’s favorite busboy & a great illustration by @Hawk_Wakawaka

bobby stuckey busboy“I’m just the head busboy at Frasca,” says Bobby Stuckey whenever he pours wine for trade or consumers. He’s referring to one of our favorite restaurants in the country, Frasca in Boulder, inspired by the enogastronomy of Friuli.

He and his business partner Chef Lachlan Patterson, founders and owners of Frasca, were in Houston last night pouring their Scarpetta wines and serving up a classic Friulian dinner.

Tracie P and I love Lachlan’s cooking so much and I was geeked to take her out for the evening (we have a great baby sitter and we’re finally settled into nursing and bedtime rhythms with the girls and we can occasionally treat ourselves to a night out these days).

We love the wines, too, and you’ll often find their sparkling rosé from Franconia in our fridge.

But the thing I love the most about Bobby is his easy-going nature and his snobbery-free approach to wine connoisseurship. There he was (above) bussing tables and serving food to guests, interacting with everyone.

I wrote about the marvelous dinner, held at the trendy seafood outfit Reef, for the Houston Press today.

An added treat was revisiting the fantastic illustration (below) by my good friend Hawk Wakawaka, wine blogger extraordinaire.

scarpetta wine stuckeyShe had done the drawing and tasting notes for Bobby and Lachlan a few years ago and now they use it as a placemat for their events. It’s simply brilliant. And the descriptors are spot-on.

Click here for a high-res scan of the original drawing.

One of the trade reps at the dinner got up and talked about how Hawk Wakawaka is “the voice of our generation,” as he put it.

It’s wonderful to see how her work has affected people’s lives and perceptions of wines. Invariably, when someone sees her illustrations for the first time, there are exclamations of “this is wonderful!” and “I’ve never seen anything like this before!”

She’s been such a good friend to me and I am a huge fan of her work (she wrote my all-time favorite wine blog post, btw).

Yesterday ended well with a lovely dinner date with my beautiful wife.

But otherwise, it had been a really dark day here at Do Bianchi. I really appreciate the many notes of solidarity that I received from wine writing colleagues from Italy and here in the U.S. They meant the world to me.

The one good thing that the awful morning delivered was a new motto: in vertitate vinum. In other words, you’ll find the wine in the truth and not the other way around.

Thanks for being here. It means the world to me. See you tomorrow. Now it’s time to hit the streets and keep the world safe for Italian wine…

4 thoughts on “America’s favorite busboy & a great illustration by @Hawk_Wakawaka

  1. Jeremy, I am ever grateful for our friendship, and your positive influence in my wine life. Your work here at Do Bianchi too is so valuable. Thank you for this generous post. It means a lot. It’s a nice boon in the midst of a bit of challenge. Thank you.

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