Houston, we have a wine storage problem…

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From the petroleum-set dick-waggers to the average punters, wine storage is big business in Texas, where the out-sized Texas heat is not the only issue that wine lovers need to deal with.

The larger problem is the bi-polar temperature swings that we have here (excuse the pun). On Tuesday, for example, our day started at roughly 30° F. and by mid-afternoon, the temperature in my home office, where the sun beats down as the day progresses, was 75° F.

My post today for the Houston Press offers some basic rules-of-thumb and our not-so-unique approach to dealing with our home wine storage issues (we keep our long-term aging lots in a wine storage facility in San Diego where rental lockers cost a lot less thanks to milder weather and there is greater accessibility for the middle class thanks to a more demotic wine culture).

The post is Texas-specific but I think you’ll find that the observations/recommendations are universal, especially if you’re an average punter like me.

Houston, we have a problem…

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