Italy’s sexiest (?) winemaker pronounces Friulian grapes

sexiest winemaker italy

Above: is Mario Zanusso Italy’s sexiest winemaker? (image via Brunellos Have More Fun).

Mario Zanusso (above) of I Clivi is giving Francesco De Franco (pronouncer of Gaglioppo) a run for his money as the sexiest contributor to the Italian Grape Name and Appellation Pronunciation Project, my personal quest to capture native speakers on video as they pronounce their region’s enonyms and designations.

Today’s contribution comes via Marie Tyler, who works with I Clivi’s U.S. importer, Oliver McCrum.

See Oliver’s excellent page on I Clivi here and see also Hawk Wakawaka’s superb post on a tasting that she and I attended with Mario a few years ago.

I’m always looking for new entries: just be sure that I don’t already have the grape name or appellation covered and note the format that I use (the grape name or appellation, pronounced three times, clearly, in a normal speaking voice).

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