Brescian rotisserie (a translation) and Gily’s legal aid fund

spiedo bresciano

Above: a traditional “spiedo bresciano” must be roasted slowly for a minimum of four hours (image via M@rcello;-)’s Flickr, Creative Commons).

Click here for a fun translation that I posted today for my client Barone Pizzini in Franciacorta.

It’s culled from the “official designation” of Brescian rotissere according to the Oglio, Franciacorta, Lago d’Iseo Slow Food chapter.

And please click here for for Maurizio Gily’s legal aid fund.

If you haven’t read about Maurizio’s legal battle and the suppression of his freedom of speech, please click here.

He’s trying to raise €16,000 to cover his legal costs as he prepares his appeal.

I am just one of (literally) scores of Italian wine trade observers and wine lovers who have reposted the link on social media.

Neapolitan journalist and wine blogger Luciano Pignataro has posted the entire text of the judgment here (in Italian; as Luciano suggests, skip over the legalese and read the judge’s decision at the end).

Buon weekend

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