happy birthday Georgia P! You are the light and love of our lives

most beautiful little girl in the world

Above: Today is Georgia P’s second birthday! She’ll have a proper party with her family and friends on Saturday. But today she woke up to blueberry pancakes and two of her presents. One is a music box (see the video below) and the other is her “I’m a big girl now” chair. It’s hard to believe she’s already two! She LOVES brushing her teeth.

Dearest Georgia P,

Today is your second birthday! Happy birthday to you!

Your mommy and I love you so very much and want you to know how proud you make us. We could have never imagined the unending joy that you have brought into our lives with your hugs, kisses, laughter, and smiles.

You are such a sweet girl and such a wonderful big sister to little Lila Jane, who already looks up to you and loves to watch everything you do.

Your teacher tells us how much you enjoy your mornings at pre-school and you’re always excited when mommy drops you off in the morning.

You love to eat all kinds of things and there’s no greater reward than hearing you say mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! when you taste something that you like.

Georgia P, you are the love and the light of our lives. We love you, sweet, sweet girl!

Your mommy and daddy wish you a happy, happy birthday!

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