Does “blush” wine still exist? Was that a Nagel on the wall?

blush wine san francisco

I’m sorry, Houston. You may have some great restaurants and an evolving wine scene… and you certainly have the braggadaccio. But in my view of the world, San Francisco is the hippest enogastronmic destination in the U.S. these days.

Between the “new California wine,” the vibrant restaurant scene there (Tosca? St. Vincent’s? RN74? And all of Shelley Lindgren’s restaurants?); the accessibility of the best produce in the country; the availability of great Italian (Vinity is one of my favorite portfolios), Spanish, and French wines; and a host of great wine writers and wine media platforms, the bottom line is that San Francisco leads the nation in its fine food and wine awareness.

So is it possible that blush wine still exists there?

Last Sunday night, Paolo and I stayed at the Hilton in the Financial District on Kearny.

Before we headed to dinner (more on that later), I stopped at the hotel’s restaurant (“East Meets West with a Northern California Twist!”) for a glass before our evening’s main event.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw “blush wine” on the list (above).

I texted the image to Tracie P who replied swiftly: “that’s so 1982!”

As I sipped an insipid glass of sparkling white, I felt like I was living in a Nagel painting.


9 thoughts on “Does “blush” wine still exist? Was that a Nagel on the wall?

  1. THAT is hilarious. One of my best friends is the director of sales at that hotel – I will JOYFULLY send him this post. Maybe the winelist hasn’t been updated since the hotel’s former incarnation as a holiday inn (70’s & 80’s)?? ;)

    Enjoy your writing, look forward to more!

  2. Amy ask you’re friend if it sells and to who, i’m guessing tourists and out of towners.
    Jeremy it’s a Hyatt. If it were at Terroir that would be remarkable.
    A wine list like that in places such as NYC or SF is something to sneer at, elsewhere it’s probably one of he best lists in town.

  3. To match the moment you should have been wearing parachute pants. Also funny because the Beringer Vineyard house was used in the opening scene of the Falcon Crest television show back in the ’80’s.

  4. Sometimes you’re seeking inspiration and terroir. Other times when that ain’t available, do what my people (the W.A.S.P.s) do: “Dewar’s on the rocks with a twist, please.”

  5. thanks, everyone, for reading and sharing. When I read “blush” wine, it just took me back to the early eighties, when I thought that Robert Mondavi private reserve select (or whatever it was) had to be the best wine in the world (even though I had never tasted it). The dichotomy struck me: we were heading to one of the “hottest” restaurants in the U.S. but just across town I could have been drinking some white zin. Sarah, btw, for the record, I went to see the Duran Duran Rio tour in San Diego at the Sports Arena in 1982! I’ll never forget it! :)

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