à la recherche d’objets perdus (thanks for the many notes, wishes, and solidarity)

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Thanks to everyone for the tide of condolences, notes of courage!, solidarity, and warm wishes.

The thieves violated our home on Wednesday. Thanks to the support of our community, we had a new front door by dinnertime Thursday. By Saturday, the contractor had completed the finishing touches. And by dinnertime Saturday, our security system was back online.

On Sunday, we were still “discovering” stolen possessions and the talk of the burglary continued to dominate phone calls from loved ones and our conversation at the dinner table.

The photo of the pendant above comes from our jeweler, Monte Franzetti, whose office graciously sent it over with a bill of sale (for me to submit in our insurance claim).

It’s green agate and wasn’t terribly expensive. I gave it to Tracie P the day we came home after she gave birth to Lila Jane, our second daughter, in July.

It looked so lovely on her and it brought out the mesmerizing green in her beautiful eyes.

It happened to be on her dresser the other day because she had worn it to a baby shower recently. Now, it’s gone forever…

The creepiest thing about this whole experience was seeing the photo stream that someone had inadvertently uploaded to our iCloud. Someone — a young man — was evidently unaware that we’d be able to view the photos: a self-portrait and some images of what appeared to be a brand new pair of athletic shoes.

The good news is that, beyond the jitters shared by Tracie P and me, the serenity of our household was not disturbed. The girls are too little to understand what happened and we consider ourselves lucky for that.

On Friday, we celebrated Tracie P’s birthday as planned: a light dinner at our favorite romantic dining spot and then the theater (Book of Mormon, Broadway touring cast). Our generous Rosenberg cousins babysat.

Thanks to everyone for the many notes… They meant the world to us as we picked up the pieces.

5 thoughts on “à la recherche d’objets perdus (thanks for the many notes, wishes, and solidarity)

  1. Make sure to make those images available to the police and to work with Apple who might be able to give you more information about where your stolen computer is posting them from.

    • we called our detective immediately but haven’t heard back. Tried to use “locate my iPhone” but because the cellular function of the phone has been disabled, it didn’t work…

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