Cooking school tv shoot with @PaoloCantele & @yltour

Scenes from a video that we shot today at Paolo’s new cooking school iSensi in Guagnano outside of Lecce. That’s Ylenia Sambati, an expert on Pugliese cuisine and local cooking instructor, teaching us how to make orecchiette. She’s awesome…

cooking school

outdoor shoot

5 thoughts on “Cooking school tv shoot with @PaoloCantele & @yltour

  1. Paolo you are ready to marry!In my little village ,Locorotondo,the people said that you are ready to marry when you are able to make “orecchiette”,now it is time.If you like to learn more I am a good “orecchiettemaker”
    Ciao filena

  2. Filena, that is SO true, right? :) Paolo said to us: “if my mother sees that I know how to make orecchiette, she won’t want to cook for me anymore!” HA! :)

    Stacy, I’ll share the video here for sure… thanks for keeping up with it all! :)

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