Splash pad! Texas summer living (Baby P 2013 update)

splash pad austin

Not much news to report here at Camp Parzen other than the not-so-breaking news that we are very very pregnant and ready for Baby P 2013 to arrive.

Her due date is July 15 (next Monday) and so far, the many predictions that she would come early have not panned out.

At this point, especially with temperatures reaching the mid to high 90s every day, Tracie P needs to spend as much time as she can off her feet.

I’ve been doing all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning and Georgia P and I get out as much as we can.

Yesterday, we made our first visit to an Austin “splash pad,” an invention so ingenious that I’d like to kiss the person who thought it up.

In essence, it’s a playground with colorful fountains and it’s so much better than a pool (especially for a toddler like Georgia P). The water is reclaimed after ever cycle (assuaging its environmental impact), there is no danger of drowning, and the fountains create just enough cool air to keep it pleasant on the sidelines for the parents watching over their kids.

Georgia P LOVED IT!

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