@SottoLA wine list named one of “best in LA” by @SIreneVirbila @LATimes #DreamComeTrue

sotto los angeles

Above: Our very first staff wine training at Sotto in Los Angeles when the restaurant opened more than two years ago.

What a thrill for me and Tracie P to learn that S. Irene Virbila has named the wine program at Sotto, where I co-curate the list, one of the “best” in Los Angeles!

It means even more to me because I grew up in Southern California and went to U.C.L.A. for both undergrad and grad: like it was yesterday, I remember my first starry-eyed meals at Valentino and Spago, two restaurants also named in this shortlist of top wine programs in Los Angeles. And now my name is up there with theirs! Wow…

fatalone primitivo

From day one, my co-curator and bromance Rory Harrington and I have taken a very radical approach to the list at Sotto and we’ve never strayed from that course. We have always featured food-friendly wines that truly reflect the grapes with which they are made, the place where those grapes are grown, and the people who grow them.

But like a tree that falls in the forest when no one is there to hear it thump, our wine list wouldn’t have any meaning if guests didn’t enjoy our selections. More than two years into this project, I never stop being thrilled by watching someone taste an old Taurasi, Gaglioppo, or Gioia del Colle Primitivo for the first time. Of all the rewards that this experience has delivered, this has been the greatest by far.

I’m currently on paternity leave from my monthly visits to the restaurant. But I’ll be back again in September and we already have some interesting wine events lined up for the fall.

Thanks SO much to everyone for supporting me and the restaurant in this adventure. And thanks from the heart to Ms. Virbila for taking the time to enjoy the wines that we love so much…

18 thoughts on “@SottoLA wine list named one of “best in LA” by @SIreneVirbila @LATimes #DreamComeTrue

  1. Jeremy and Rory: A huge congratulations on this honor and recognition. You have really created something special at Sotto. Always a pleasure to eat and drink there.

  2. aw shux, thanks so much, yall! It was such a thrill to read this in the Times. And Ms. Virbila has been so kind to us.

    One of the most rewarding things about this experience has been my friendship with Rory. He’s a Bialystock to my Bloom…

    Thanks so much for all the support over these last couple of years and thanks for being here.

    It means the world to me. :)

    • georgia, baby p #2 and I are SO proud of you! you deserve this recognition for such a brave and innovative list, 2B. great job carrying the cross for sud italia!

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  4. Thanks, again, everyone.

    Matt, would love to see you at Sotto sometime!

    And Rev. B, we need to get you and Mrs. B to LA for dinner this year!

    Michael, thanks for the kind words. They couldn’t mean more to me… that’s what our program has always been about… glad to see you here as always… :)

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