The little Italian wine importer who could

From the department of “who said that Texas was flyover country?”…

David Weitzenhoffer

What a week Wednesday last week Wednesday was!

In the course of twenty-four hours on the ground in Texas, I ate lunch with my buddy Ray (as in Isle, executive wine editor for Food & Wine), tasted with a Master Sommelier and one of my favorite Valpolicella producers, photographed the owner of Tenuta Sette Ponti for a client, and had dinner with one of the Italian wine importers I admire most, David Weitzenhoffer (above), owner of A.I. Selections, “the little Italian wine importer who could” (more on that later).

When I first moved to Texas, my friends in New York and California used to ask me alarmedly, what will you drink there? I even heard a few call it “flyover country.”

Nearly five years later, I’m happy to report that I’ve been drinking well, in part thanks to David’s superb portfolio which is now available in Texas (I’ll post my notes from the excellent tasting David organized for me as soon as I can catch my breath).

Today, I head back to New York for one last and thankfully short trip before Baby P 2013 arrives in July.

I’ll be pouring wine at some fancy tastings and I’ll be attending a few incredible tastings myself while in the city. In the meantime, I’m missing Franco Bernabei and my friend Anthony Giglio who are both visiting Texas this week (did someone say flyover?).

Here’s a taste of what I’ll be pining for while in New York… see you on the other side…

3 thoughts on “The little Italian wine importer who could

  1. Ok, so very random, but I read your blog regularly and this one pops up in my Feedly. My husband is looking over my shoulder and starts exclaiming wildly…that’s Smelly-A! He used to work with David in years past and that’s what they all called him. ;p SO funny to see him pop up here!!

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