On Gaglioppo must read @EvanDawson @PalatePress cc @SottoLA @CaptainWine

vini veri cerea

Above: While in Italy in early April, I tasted with my favorite producer of Gaglioppo, Francesco de Franco of ‘A Vita, at the Vini Veri gathering in Cerea. Next week I’ll post my notes from the fair.

I was thrilled to see Evan Dawnson’s superb post earlier this week for Palate Press on Gaglioppo.

After all, our friendship took shape over a glass of Garganega followed by a glass of Gaglioppo a few years ago in Brescia, Italy at the European Wine Blogger conference.

Since we launched our all-southern Italian wine list at Sotto in Los Angeles more than two years ago, my cohort Captain Wine and I have been preaching the virtues of Gaglioppo to our guests. We weren’t surprised that the 1997 Gaglioppo by Ippolito quickly became one of our top sellers.

Please read Evan’s post.

And please have a great weekend…

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