Bobby Stuckey: “the world’s next Dagueneau will come from Friuli”

bobby stuckey

Yesterday, Cousin Marty (above, right) and I attended what is becoming an annual tradition in the Texas wine community: a pop-up restaurant with Master Sommelier Bobby Stuckey (above, left) and chef Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson of Frasca in Boulder, CO.


The two are visiting Texas, as they did last year, showing their Scarpetta line of wines.

sauvignon scarpetta friuli

I’m always geeked to taste and chat with Bobby, whose relationship with Italian wine is as much shaped by his boundless passion as by his encyclopedia knowledge and experience.

frico frasca

Among the many nuggets and insights he offered yesterday, he told the crowd of A-list Houston wine professionals that he believes “the world’s next Dagueneau will come from Friuli.”

lachlan patterson frasca

When I asked whether he thought such a wine icon would emerge from the Colli Orientali del Friuli or Collio, he said the Colli Orientali had an advantage inasmuch as its slightly cooler climate more readily delivers higher acidity levels in the wine.

scarpetta barbera

I covered the event, which held at überhip Uchi in Houston, in my post today for the Houston Press.

3 thoughts on “Bobby Stuckey: “the world’s next Dagueneau will come from Friuli”

  1. Didier Dagueneau was a controversial winemaker. Certainly he made very individualistic, minerally, expensive Pouilly Fumés, but in his own style, without the typicity of the region.
    I would have preferred if Bobby Stuckey had used an Italian winemaker as a model, someone like the late, great Edoardo Valentini.

    • I don’t believe Edoardo Valentini made Sauvignon Blanc…I think Signor Stuckey’s comments had more to do with the production of world-class Sauvignon Blanc than in spotlighting the work of an iconoclastic vintner.

      And that some remarkably fine Sauvignons are coming from Northeast Italy is hardly news to those familiar with the Italian wine scene. There are some top-notch bottlings being made in the Alto Adige as well.

      It would be nice if the Scarpetta wines targeted the same level of quality as Dagueneau’s or Valentini’s instead of being merely every plonk.

  2. It was an outrageous statement, no doubt. And yes, he was referring to the producers of Sauvignon Blanc.

    A couple of people in the crowd pressed him for his thought on whom it could be.

    Miani? someone asked…

    But Bobby kept his cards close to his chest…

    The last time I ate at Frasca, a restaurant that I highly recommend, he poured me Borgo del Tiglio… I’ve followed the wines ever since and have been thrilled by them…

    thanks for the insightful comments as always…

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