Giacosa 99 Barbaresco (classic) white label

giacosa 99 white label barbaresco

Friends might writhe with envy if they knew how much I paid yesterday for a three-bottle lot of 1999 (classic) Barbaresco Giacosa white label.

I bought the bottles at a restaurant here in Proseccoland after I spied them on the list.

As the wine opened up, an initial brightness gave way to darker fruit and bigger tannin. The first bottle, we all agreed, although vibrant and fresh, showed more maturity, while the second had many years ahead of it. The sommelier had assured me that he bought his allocation on release and that it had remained cellared impeccably since. I was surprised by the bottle variation and thrilled, as always, by the wine.

family dinner

Super fun to be here with my band and our families.

That’s the main dining room at the villa.

Show tonight and tomorrow at 10!

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