Best Falanghina I’ve ever tasted in the U.S.

I’ll be at Jaynes Gastropub in San Diego tonight, pouring wine from 5:30 p.m. and playing a telecaster from 10 p.m. If you happen to be in America’s Finest City, please come on down and we’ll taste together.

best falanghina los angeles

@CaptainWine and I debuted our new spring wine list at Sotto in Los Angeles last night, including roughly 20 new labels.

As I tasted with friends, wine pros, and media last night (thanks, everyone for coming out!), I couldn’t help but reflect and remark on how blessed are the wine lovers of California: thanks to the Golden State’s liberal distribution and importing regulations, wine directors have such a wide range of labels available to them (unlike my adoptive state of Texas where so many wonderful Italian wines, present in the California and New York markets, are off limits to buyers).

From the Cenatiempo Ischia Bianco to the Sibilla Piedirosso (Oliver McCrum, CA) to the Monte di Grazia Tintone (an extremely rare grape variety from Campania; Wine Emporium, NY), to an awesome Salvatore Tintilia del Molise (Giammario Villa, CA), there are so many fantastic wines flowing in the California market these days (all new labels on our list).

But the wine that I kept thinking about all night (and the wine that I called in the morning) was the Capolino Perlingieri Falanghina Preta (above, Terravino, CA).

There’s a lot of great Falanghina in the U.S. but this one just has that marcia in più, that extra something special. Its acidity and citrus flavors were zinging last night (paired with burrata). But it was its intense minerality that really made it stand apart in my mind. I LOVE this wine.

By far, the best Falanghina that I’ve ever tasted in this country (and I’ve tasted a lot) and a wine that I just can’t stop thinking about.

best pizza california

Thanks to everyone who came out last night to taste with me (especially Tricerapops)! That was a blast.

I’ll be taking a break from my California trips as the countdown to Parzen family expansion revs up (coming to theaters this July!). But I’ll see you again in September when we visit my home state again.

Buon weekend, yall!

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